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I'm new to Reckon One. When I create a transaction rule, I'm forced to set a description (it is a required field). My bank upload has a detailed description which is distinct for each transaction, even those ones that I want to allocate under the same category with a transaction rule. These descriptions are very handy to identify each transaction, but get lost to a generic description if I apply a transaction rule.

Is there a way to generate rules that keep the original descriptions in my bank upload?


  • Kim Chapman - COS Business Solutions
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    Hi Francisco At the moment, the only way you can hold that information is to Add Payments etc from the New Transactions tab. Unfortunately Selecting Transaction Rules over rides imported data. Hopefully this will not always be the case. Kind Regards Kim Chapman
  • Francisco
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    Thank you Kim,

  • Roland Machaalani
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    I also need to keep the original description intact when setting up transaction rules. Going through the Add Payments from the New Transaction tab defeats the purpose of setting up transaction rules. Surely the developers can add a button next to description that says "Retain original description".
  • William Layton
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    I also would love to have the rule keep the original description. Otherwise I have to spend hours manually allocating records - not something that you would expect to have to do in a modern piece of software.  Is this being looked at and if so when?  Thanks