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Sandra Riches
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On my quarterly BAS I usually submit my monthly PAYG WH.  On Accounts Hosted, the BAS prefilled this correctly for me.  On Reckon One (I have recently switched) it posts the PAYG WH for the quarter, rather than the balance for the last month.  Any ideas what I need to change so Reckon One fills in my BAS correctly?


  • John G
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    Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for asking and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    At this stage Reckon One will only report BAS on one Reporting Period.  Our developers have been informed of this situation.

    The workaround is to do your BAS calculations without the PAYGW component on a Quarterly basis and then change the reporting period in Settings > Tax Settings > BAS details and process the monthly PAYGW (or obtain the figures from the relevant reports).

    Hope this helps.


  • Wendy Van Oosten_8738626
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    Oh great, thank you. I have just started using Reckon One and just finished my first BAS but didn't realise that I could add the PAYG section. I have set up for next quarter. Excellent.
  • Sandra Riches
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    Thanks John. That helps.  Look forward to the update.
  • Michael Corrigan_9203178
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    Hi, I assume that you can't do a monthly IAS (PAYGW) yet in Reckon One.
  • Anna_9410277
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    Any news on the update to allow this action which was in the pipeline a year ago?
  • AndrewN
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    This thread has not been refreshed in 4 years but this update still does not appear to have been actioned, or have I missed something?

    I am hoping it will be as mine is a Monthly IAS and Quarterly BAS business.

  • NMP
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    Is there a better work around or any plans of addressing this issue?