How do I create quotes in Accounts hosted?

Zoe McInerney
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How do I create quotes and then convert to a invoice once the sale has been made?


  • Jacqui Allen
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    Consider if it is in fact a Estimate(Quote) or should you be using Sales Orders (Back order) Either way it's simple when you create an invoice for someone the has a estimate/sales order you will be prompted with a list available Estimates/Sales Orders that you can then select which will then populate into the invoice.

    FYI I had a plumbing client having difficulty tracking what jobs they had & hadn't invoice as they had no need for sales orders we utilised this as job cards, a new job card is created for every job and tracked by REP (ie employee handed the job) with the client reviewing the open sales orders weekly. Whereas previously this was written up in a pre-printed job card book which involved manually flipping through to identify what had and hadn't been invoice.  Once this was implemented the client noticed a substantial increase in revenue. I have used this with various tradesmen and or service/repairs businesses etc.
  • Julie McIntyre
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    Yes, this is correct. Quote your client via estimate and then create an invoice. Any active estimates will be displayed for you to choose. I use estimates and progressive invoices all the time. It works really well.