GST Disappearing on Share Transactions (buying & selling)

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Hi everyone,
I am using Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2017. When I buy or sell shares I enter them via "investing", then under "enter transactions" I select the relevant transaction type. In entering the transaction I have been entering the number of shares, price paid, commission & the GST on commission. When I look up the security afterwards, I find the transaction I have entered then has the GST amount no longer there? Further, when I run reports showing the transactions for buying & selling there is a GST column however it is empty (has all "0's"). I have also been back into the transaction to edit it & re enter the GST however the GST amount disappears again when I look up the transaction. Prior to rolling from 2016 reckon to 2017 reckon I don't believe this happened. Any light anyone can shed on this issue would be greatly appreciated as its driving me nuts! Thank you  


  • Robyn Kelly (Partner)
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    Jacinta, the Personal Plus program is not enabled to track GST.  To correct this, include the GST with the Commission amount.  If you are able to claim the GST (if you are registered and in the business of share trading) then you may need the Home & Business program instead.

    Reagrds, Robyn Kelly