Reckon Accounts 2017 Personal Plus not recognizing Tax catorgories

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Today i was doing some house cleaning and reorganising some of my Tax categories. I decided to create some reports so started with Cash Flow Report.

First i did a normal report including all categories. All transaction including tax categories were included.

Then i went into CUSTOMIZE>ADVANCED and selected "Tax-related Transactions only". Too my great surprise some of my tax transactions were not included.

Upon investigation, i've worked out that in the category edit dialog box, if the Tax line item is left blank then this category is not seen while "Tax-related Transactions only" is selected. The fix is to select a Tax line.

Very disturbing as i dont know for how long this issue has existed. I've always had some Tax categories assigned or unassigned a tax line so now i dont know if in past tax returns i've missed out making deductions because of this issue.

This is a must yesterday.

I havent looked at other reports as i dont have time to do a million reports and cross reference. One would think its something Reckon does for us....right?




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    No. This will just be another in the long line of bugs that won't be even acknowledged let alone fixed... :-(
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    Wow, I hadn't noticed this before. It's a good thing I do not rely on the program's ability to report accurately on my tax position each year. I have been using 'Category Groups' when I run my reports e.g. Rental, TaxRelated.

    Now that you have brought this up I find that I can only assign tax line items Q1 to Q13 to my categories. Line items for deductions (D) are not available - not even in the extended list. I found the answer here:

    Looks like I spend the time to ensure my categories have the correct tax line item assigned.

    Thanks for the heads up I'll go and do some housekeeping