Changing Superannuation Provider to show on Superstream Quarterly Report

CarolineCaroline Member Posts: 16
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I have an employee who has changed Superannuation providers mid way through the quarter. When I produce the superstream reports it shows the previous provider on the payments before the change was made, this account has been closed so no payments can be made to this provider. How do I go in and change this to show and allocate the super to the new provider? 


  • ShaneShane Reckon Staff Posts: 560
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    Hi Caroline,

    Only pay runs processed after you updated the super details will be reflected on the report.

    What you can do in this case, is go into the pay runs for that employee showing the old data, and unlock the pay, remove the super payroll item, save it, then go back in and add the super payroll item  back in, and save again.  Close and rerun your super report and it should then show the update info for any of the pays you edited.

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