Upgrade to 2017

JimboJimbo Member Posts: 9
edited April 2017 in Accounts Hosted
I have just upgraded to NZ Hosted 2017 but didn't get the "Update to New Version" promt.
Should I be worried?


  • Kay Smart, Accredited ConsultantKay Smart, Accredited Consultant Member Posts: 106
    edited April 2017
    You should have got a message that you had to answer yes to and then the system does a backup and then you get a message that you won't be able to open the file in a previous version.
  • JimboJimbo Member Posts: 9
    edited April 2017
    Didn't happen - worried about what may be the result of using it.
    Just been away for a few hours and when I logged back in - I did get those prompts so should be OK now thanks. 
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