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I have imported some bank transactions. My accountant has asked me to go through and select tax code: NCG So originally i went through and opened the check register and opened each individual transaction and where applicable selectes NCG, I then noticed the amount does not include the tax so i had to select "Amount to include tax" and manually change the total amount fot each one. This was quiet tedious considsidering i have 4 seperate accounts to reconsile. I then thought it would be easier if i went into the supplier and chose what tax code should apply, but have noticed it still does not automatically assign the tax code and i am still having to adjust these seleratly for every single trandaction Any info help would be appreciated


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    Hello Jasmine,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Reckon Accounts gives you 3 options for assigning an imported transaction.  The first via the Register does not allow a tax code to be entered.  The Write Cheque option for basic payments will allow you to enter a tax code.  Pay Bills is specifically to pay bills (inward invoices) already entered into Reckon Accounts.  

    Check out these videos to help you with imported transactions:

    Process Imported Bank Transactions 

    Create Transaction rules 

    Apply Transaction Rules


    Hope this helps.


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    Thankyou! I will watch them now and figers crossed i understand it better. Its all very new to me :(
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