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I want to import a new range of items into my inventory list. They will have different names to the existing items.
I just want to know that this will keep all existing items, and simply import the new items.
If they somehow over-write the existing items, it would be catastrophic !!


  • ZappyZappy Accredited Partner Posts: 4,708 ✭✭✭
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    They wont overwrite the existting items. You would never import anything without making a backup thus avoiding a catastrophe
  • Gabrielle BaudinetteGabrielle Baudinette Member Posts: 18
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    Hi Ben.  Are you able to give me the column headings you used for import

  • BenBen Member Posts: 34
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    I think the headings change depending on what features you have switched on in your inventory system..
    I ended up...
    1. Backing up my system.
    2. Exporting all Items to Excel.
    3. Deleting all items on that spreadsheet.
    4. Entering all my new Items in that spreadsheet (using it like a template)
    5. Importing this new spreadsheet into the system.
    As long as the new items have different names to your existing items, everything just imports and adds itself to the already existing items.
    There was a couple of weird anomalies where certain attributes did not import, but I manually entered these afterwards.

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