Upgrade from Quickbooks Pro v7.4 R3

Mark Cain
Mark Cain Member Posts: 2
I am currently using Quickbooks Pro v7.4 R3. Years ago i purchased Quicken Personal Plus 2011 but haven't used it because it seemed that I could not migrate my data across. Is it possible to upgrade to current software and transfer my data. I only use this for personal finances and don't want to go to the expense of full blown Quickbooks. Thank you for any help or suggestions.


  • Mark Cain
    Mark Cain Member Posts: 2
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    There's nothing wrong with it. I've read some posts here where there is talk of upgrading via various products that came out over the years and wondered if I was in that category. My version of Quickbooks is very old and I'm sure the newer versions would be an improvement.