Email/Print Individual Supplier Remittance onto One Page

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There must be a better way to do an individual Supplier Remittance. 

I have made the customised template for it.  I know in the Supplier Centre I go to Email, select the Bank account paid out from, and my template and the date range. 

But it gives me ALL supplier payments.  I just want one.  Having to go through the list and untick all other unwanted payments (there are hundreds!!) just can't be the way.  And to grip a little further, the tiny little window you have to use is frustrating to untick so many!

And you are left with 6 PDF pages of payments - be better to get multiple payments onto each page - while awaiting someone to answer (up to 40 minutes now) - I've tried to change the template - but will have to move onto actual real work now (hence my post here!)

Why can't you select the Supplier you want (in Supplier Centre), hit Email - and have only that Supplier's payments come up.  I have to be missing something.......

Please help.


  • HaydenHayden Member Posts: 2
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    Can no one help on this at all? 
    All other remittances we get from clients can combine several paid invoices onto the one page - even if paid on different dates.
    Yet I've not found any way to combine more than one payment onto one page - if you try and customize your layout of the remittance - you cannot copy the data fields for the invoice & payment details. 

    And now I've found another issue - if you are in the Supplier area - go to Email and select Supplier Remittance Advice - date range 1/9/17 till 13/9/17 - I get this:


    But, then if you do your remittances through the second way - File - Print Forms - Remittance Advice, select the exact same date range 1/9/17 till 13/9/17 you get completely different results!!!!:


    Why are they any different?  They should both produce the same results - and if not - does that mean you can select individual suppliers to generate remittances for - rather than going through, say 15 transactions, or for a wider range of dates - dozens and dozens of transactions to find 2 or 3 payments made to one individual supplier?

    I know you can make reports on individual suppliers - but why aren't remittances considered reports - as they would then be much more customizable - as modifying a Report to be a remittance - is not easy at all as the Remittances have the fields you actually need, whereas the Reports do not have it as easy.
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