2017 hosted upgrade

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I need help! Trying to upgrade to 2017 hosted. Completed a back up first and have typed in YES to update the data file.I think I opened our company file as it asked me for my administrator password however it didn't seem to ask to me restore as per upgrade instructions. However it did ask the number 11 dot point of Reckon Accounts will now prompt you to update company click yes which I did. I have double checked the profit and loss, balance sheet at AR Ageing summary and they are all correct with what I have printed out on the 2016 version. Does this mean it is all correct??!! Just worried it didn't ask me everything as per the instructions. Thanks!


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    Call me Belinda Kevin 0407744914
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    Thank you Kevin but I am out with my four kids all afternoon and I see the 2016 link is finishing at 4pm! I hope I have done it correctly! It seems to all be there in the 2017 version
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