customer received more stock than we invoiced

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Driver has short delivered several stores and delivered more stock than we had invoiced to one.
We had not known about the over supply to one store until much further investigation so I had made adjustments on the short delivered stores already.

My question is with the store that was delivered more stock who have by the way decided to keep stock and paid us the amount above the invoice paying for all he units that were delivered.

I have created a new invoice for the extra units but do not want to effect inventory at (0 units) so am thinking Ill have to do a stock adjustment, or is there a more efficient process than I have described here.  

Thanks in advance


  • ShaneShane Reckon Staff Posts: 560
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    Stock adjustments also effect inventory.  Maybe just add an extra line to the invoice with an other charge or service item with the extra amount they owe.  This way it wont affect your stock levels.

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