Spell Check Broken - Reckon Accounts Premier 2013

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edited January 2020 in Reckon Accounts (Desktop)
I am experiencing two major issues with the Spell Check tool in Reckon Accounts Premier 2013. The two issues are...
  1. Spell Check will highlight every word (imply a spelling error) regardless of whether the word is spelled correctly or not.
  2. Spell Check does not suggest any replacement words for incorrectly spelled words.
Additional Information:
  • Operating system is Windows 10 Pro x64
  • Issue occurred after upgrading from QuickBooks 2012
  • Issue occurs on every pc running Reckon Accounts Premier 2013
  • Found one solution in this community, but it hasn't helped. (restore SPELL.ini)
  • Spelling options have been restored to defaults (in preferences).
  • Windows Language preferences are correct and only one language pack is installed (Australian: English)
Please Help!