Changing default pay rates

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Hi all,

I have just put on six new casual staff and I have six different pay rates in Reckon for them.  In the "Payroll and Compensation" tab, when I go to add their rates, Reckon has prepopulated the fields with the rates from the ?last ?financial year which are no longer applicable.

I've been to the Payroll Item List and gone through the screens for each item but can't find a default.  I created a new employee and updated the rates, but Reckon is still defaulting back to the first set of rates I entered.

How do I change the default rates so that Reckon is using the right ones?



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    Hi GoatyMcGoatBoat,

    The default rates can be found in the Payroll & Employees preferences.

    Edit > Preferences > Payroll & Employees > Company Preferences > Employee Defaults.

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