unpaid bills report

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We would like to modify the monthly unpaid bills report to include the general ledger code that apply to each of the bills received. I had a look at all the modify options and have been unable to establish how to do it. Am sure somebody out there will be able to help me


  • Linda ABC
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    I dont think this will work Ian - the Unpaid Bills report is a report that picks up header records - eg Bill No - Date - total amount, supplier name etc, one line for each transaction... - you need a transaction detail report in order to get the GL code (account name) to show up - and this could be multiple lines for each transaction - so not going to happen...  the only way this would work is if you were to put something in the top Memo area of the bill - which you could then choose to display on the unpaid bills report by choosing to show the Description column... HOWEVER... I just had a play and you may get what you want if you choose to add the Description and the Account columns - then head over to Filters and select for the Accounts option - For Detail accounts matching - All Income/Expense accounts - this will increase the number of lines displayed because it will show one line for each split line on the transaction - but may be what you are looking for?  Cheers Linda
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    Thanks Linda for your prompt response I will have a look and see how we go with it