sales orders not being closed when invoiced

Rae Rogers
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We create sales orders to pick orders.. then create an invoice from said sales orders. Yesterday two sales orders failed to be closed when the invoice was created - so the items are still allocated to those sales order. Any ideas ? 


  • Kerrie H
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    I had the same thing happen a couple of days ago, I thought I must have done something wrong so I manually closed the sales order by ticking the box at the bottom.  It hasn't happened again since.
  • Shisir
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    Hi Rae

    This could happen if your sales order was not converted to Invoice in full.

    Say for example you ordered 5 of item 1 but only invoiced 3 of them, then 2 of them goes in backorder. Therefore the Sales order is not closed yet. In that case, your sales order will normally show this information under invoiced and back ordered colom.


    Let me know if this is what happened.