How to get permission to upload IIF File (payroll)

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Hoping someone can help.  I have just found out I can export our timesheet data from deputy to reckon.  I have access to the admin user and also have my own log in for reckon which has full permission to do everything or so I thought. I get and error when trying to upload the iif file

You need full access under import to perform this action. Ask your reckon administrator to grant you the permission

Anyone know how I can get this permission.  I tried setting up a complete new user and ticked every box but still doesn't work.


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    Leanne - there is only one Admin user per data file - so you need to actual Admin logon - not just a user with full permission... sometimes people change the name of the Admin user to something else - but its still the Admin user... if you go to Company - Users - View Users - you should be able to see who is logged on and the Admin user will have (Admin) in brackets alongside it - its name with either be Admin or whatever name its been changed to - this is the one you need to logon with in order to import the iif files.. cheers Linda

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    Thanks Linda,  I knew there was only one admin user but what was confusing me was that I couldn't inport the iif file even though I had full permissions. I worked it out though. I went into the payroll manager role and there is an inport button and it had no access ticked. I just changed it to full access and I can now log in under my user name and inport the file.  Kind of weird the way it worked but it worked so I won't question it.
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    Wow!  Didnt know that would work... another day not wasted!  cheers Linda :)

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