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My AMEX datafeed stopped working the other week and was downloading ZERO entries. I waited a week or so and it didn't resolve so I went into and deleted the feed and added a new feed with a new yodlee. Now I can't get anything to work (just for AMEX - the other feeds work ok) and I get the following error message: GETTING TRANSACTION SUMMARY ERROR. You don't have permission to request bank feeds for this account...

I've called tech support and they couldn't resolve and said they'll call me back sometime in the next week.

Any ideas why this is happening? I'm using BSB 012345 and two version of the account number; both xxxx-xxxxxx-##### and ##### (where ##### is the last five digits of my AMEX card). I followed the instructions in this post:



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    Hello Jay,

    Go to the Bank Feed Management screen ( and click on the link in the Status column.  Allow a few minutes for Yodlee to update your feed and try again.

    Now that you have created a new Yodlee connection, make sure you change the YodleeID field in the your Online Bank Details tab for the new ID number.  

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    I escalated my problem by calling the Sydney number and spoke with someone that checked the bank feed wasn't downloading and I reset it within the bank data feed management portal and waited until overnight (as instructed) and everything works! It would have been great to have got that level of support on my first call without having needed to escalate it.
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