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I have a client who is a current reckon hosted user. They want to start a second company but want to restrict access to that company and the existing company. I assume this is done by creating users and only giving them access to the company they are allowed to work in. Can someone confirm my understanding is correct. Is there any extra cost to this?


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    Hi Sam

    You can have/buy additional users and do it that way. Aside from the privacy firewall perspective, those users can log in at any time. 

    You can set up additional company files under the one user and add that privacy firewall by adding additional password access for each company file. The downside of this is that you can only have one person access the 1 user account at any time. If someone is working on Company A file and someone else logs in to work on Company B file, the first person gets kicked off - because there is only one purchased user. 

    hope that helps clarify options. 

    Cheers, Lee
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