Cosmic Cloud Invoice for Reckon Hosted for .50cents whats its worth?

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Cosmic cloud mobile (Android) and web based Invoice is based on PAY ONLY AS YOU INVOICE ......and its only .50cents per transaction .

1. Get all your invoices paid much quicker within 2 days using fully automated Credit Card feature . We use Stripe payment gate way one of the cheapest and effective PCI compliant providers. SOON YOU CAN RECEIVE MONEY ON REAL TIME:

 2. Invoice instantly from any where using Android device and send invoice instantly via email 

  And your customers pays you instantly on "Pay Link Invoice".

3. Now you can use your Desktop pc or laptop to use Cosmic Invoice no need to use any mobile device.

4. Also no need to do use Cosmic Invoice just create your Invoice from RAH and sync UNPAID 

INVOICE in Cosmic app , the INVOICE is converted to colourful PDF INVOICE instantly ready to send to your clients with modern email body and get paid via Credit Card.



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