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Customer overpaid and invoice, and when I recorded the payment, the system asked me if I wanted to retain the credit to be used later, I clicked this box and when I recorded the transaction it asked me if I wanted to save the adjustment note, and I clicked on ok. So then I expect that it has generate an adjustment note that I can send the customer, but there isn't one. So how do I find that credit that I asked it to save?


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    Hello Nadine,

    thanks for asking.

    There is no separate Customer Adjustment Note kept by Reckon Accounts.  You do have a Receive Payment which shows a total amount greater than the items being paid.  When you save the overpayment you are given the opportunity to print an Adjustment Note.  

    To show the amount of the Credit later you can only produce a Customer Statement to show the transactions - the invoice and its payment and current balance.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have the same situation.  The Customer is in credit and it shows on their statement.  I want to apply that credit to an invoice but when I select the tab apply credits under Receive payments it doesn't show a credit.  Do I need to create an adjusment note to apply their overpayment to an invoice?
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    Hi Sheryl


    No, an overpayment automatically “creates” a credit so – as per another thread – if you’re unable to see the overpayment credit when going into “Receive Payments” - it means you’ve already allocated this credit previously.


    Check the customer’s payment allocations to see where you have used it & “untick” its current allocation to make it available again.



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