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I can access a report where it gives me month by month P&L (on the same report with Months set as the columns) 
How do i set that to customer:job, but also keep the month by month columns. 
I have multiple sites and i wish to have a month by month P&L comparison on the one report, but I cant seem to do it as it will combine the whole year together then split it by customer:job


  • Linda ABC
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    Jason - even if this could be done - it would be such a hugely wide report it would be unworkable.... I think  your best options is to run a P&L by Month - which would have 13 columns - then use the Modify Report and Filter options to filter it for specific customers...  you an always then memorise the reports if you have a number of regular customer:jobs you run reports on.

  • Jason B
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    I was always looking for 'customer' in the filter settings, hence why I thought I couldn't do it., I see it's all listed under 'name' and I can select customer:job from there :) Thanks :)