Personal Plus 2016 File corruption

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When reconciling one of my savings accounts I found it was out by $400. So I went back looking for missing or duplicated transactions. What I found was a payment of $1000 which only reduced the balance by $600. Ok some sort of file corruption, so I went to the file operations menu and validated the file. What I had then was a file of accounts that I hadn't used for a decade with rubbish balances. When I open one of the accounts the transactions are from a different account altogether. Is there a way to recover from this?  I discovered to my horror that I hadn't taken a backup for 2 weeks.


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    Hi Peter,

    The only thing I can think of is to make sure those old accounts are fully reconciled, create a year end copy to after the last transaction entered in these old accounts, and archive the old data, then open the new year file, go through these accounts and delete the opening balance.  They will then have no transactions in them at all and no balance that can affect anything else.  Make sure to backup before you try this.

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