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I'm using Reckon Hosted 2017 edition. I have two questions that I would appreciate help with.

Firstly, when entering an estimate, the description section has a default sentence. I want to delete that description and have the area blank so I can enter in whatever I need so it reflects in each progressive invoice that I send the client. How do I permanently delete that? I've searched through the customisation and layout etc but can't find where to change or delete it.

Secondly, when entering details for a new customer, I use my keyboard shortcuts as much as possible but with the tab 'Additional Info' when I use the 'Alt' & 'I' instead of opening that 'Additional Info' tab it opens the 'Industries' tab which isn't even in the active window! Can you please tell me which letter needs to be used with the 'Alt' button to access the 'Additional Info' tab, or is it not possible?

Thanks in advance. Hope that all makes sense?!

Have a great day.


  • Kerrie HKerrie H Member Posts: 136
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    Hi Carol, not sure about the shortcut, but the description can be altered in the menu Lists - Item List, then editing each item description by double clicking on each one or Item - Edit.
  • CarolCarol Member Posts: 22
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    Thanks Kerrie - that's great!
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