Personal Plus 2018 reinstall fails

Peter Boyes
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Having been plagued with so many ongoing crashes every time my PP 2018 tried to update info despite umt-teen renaming of filenames etc as advised that 'will fix that'.  I got tired of it all and decided to start afresh and uninstall my Personal Plus 2018 and put on a clean copy and basically start again.

But thats where a new stem of problems start.

I have ensured that every trace of the pre-existing copy of PP 2018 has been eradicated from my PC and downloaded a new Reckon Accounts 2018 from the Reckon website.

I installed it into its new folder and it opened ok every time asking for my IKC.  After entering my IKC, it crashes each and every time.  And by that I mean (so far) 13 times.

I have: rebooted 4 times, tried opening the ISSetup.exe (as administrator) to modify, repair and remove; following the normal install process.  Uninstalled, reinstalled, wash, rinse, repeat. All without success.

The failure point in each and every attempt is the point where I enter my IKC.

Can anyone offer a suggestion?

I have an entire string of emails from Reckon Customer Support who have no more answers.




  • Peter Boyes
    Peter Boyes Member Posts: 2
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    OMG, you are officially my new hero.

    I followed your simple instructions and it worked FIRST time.

    I assume it is the anti-virus that was creating the nasty gremlins.

    Thank you so much for your assistance.  Very much appreciated. Reckon did recommend the Revo program and I used it.