Cosmic Invoice for Reckon Hosted its now only 1cents per each transaction

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YES Cosmic  Full Cloud  Invoice For  Reckon Hosted is  ONLY FOR 1 CENTS PER EACH TRANSACTION NOW !!!!!!

What do you get for 1 cents per each transaction:

Do all your invoices from your mobile device Android (iOS soon on testing)
- Mobile app down load the app from Google store 

-Fully web based that's you don't need a mobile device use it on your pc or laptop
and get all your invoiced paid via fully automated online payment.

Even get all your Reckon Hosted created invoices synced into Cosmic app and get it paid via online payment.

Fully assured all your invoices is received  by the receiver and never get it lost

many more

see below the  links for further info
paste this link into your browser

For further inquiries : Chandra 0407068942, office:02 95411338
[email protected]
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