RECKON 2018 missing years of entries

Gerard Wilkinson
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Years of entries missing in Reckon 2018 Personal


  • John Campbell
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    This is not a common problem. Typically only some records are missing due to the wrong .QDF file was opened or there are missing other files.  You need to provide more details.

    Is it:
    #  transaction entries or share price entries ?

    #  is it over a specific date range or all before a date or all since a date ?

    Common problems are:

    # you have not included all qdata.* files in the directory where you opened your qdata.QDF file. There are typically 7 files required.

    # you may be missing all share price records, as the QDATA.QPH file has not been included.

    # you have not opened the latest Qdata.QDF file and all transactions since that date are not in the old file.

    # you were using a very old version of RPP and the file needs to be converted to the latest format. This can be an involved process.


  • Margaret Norris
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    It is very difficult to provide any support with such little information in the question!