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We have two busy cafe's currently using inventory to track drinks and grocery items. We are struggling with the stock as many times we have lost computers or scanners etc, throwing our stock way out! 
We are going to turn off the inventory control on June 30th, what happens to the items that are currently there? Do we loose them? Does Reckon just change them over automatically?

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    Hi Andrea

    Unfortunately, you can't turn an inventory item to a non-inventory item in Reckon.  The full process is:
    • rename the current item and make it inactive
    • create a new item with the old item's name as a non-inventory part.
    Very easy if you have 10 items, but a bit of a nightmare if you have hundreds.

    This process can be simplified via iif file export and import, but it really depends on how your item list is structured.  In particular, you can't rename an item via iif import - it has to be done manually.

    If your item list is arranged into a smaller number categories (ie Drinks is a category and Mineral Water 350ml is a subitem of Drinks), then your job is infinitely easier as you can just rename the categories and make them inactive.

    I can do this whole processes - its probably between 2 to 4 hours work for me depending on how the list has been structured. 

    I am in the office today (catching up - as if that will ever happen!), so give me a call if you would like to discuss what is involved, timing etc.

    Graham Boast 0409317366
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