ABA History Gone

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Online Banking - ABA File History not working  ????? - cannot retrieve any files and need to redo payment and send to bank - have 50 creditors to pay and hoping I really don't have to go and delete each payment and re-enter...I use this function for most payment I make so there should be loads of history,


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    Hi Toni. Did you get a resolution? We had the same issue yesterday. The aba file wouldn't work and we eventually had to key 90 employee pays manually into the bank.

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    Hi Lynette 
    I received the below by email from Reckon:


    This issue arises after you have exited the session in which the ABA file was created.  When you log back in you will most likely be assigned to another server. 

    When you process an Online Bank payment, QuickBooks creates two files.  The first file is the file you upload to your bank’s internet portal - the ‘ABA file’.  It is a text file and can be saved to any location.  The second file in xml format.  This file is saved to a default location on the hard drive of the Reckon Hosted Server being used.    

    When you log back into Reckon Accounts Hosted, you most likely will logon to another Server and not the server where the ABA xml file was saved to.  When you click on ABA File History, no ABA files are found. 

    If by chance you logon to the same server that the ABA files were created, then you will see the ABA files you created. 

    There is no workaround

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    I understand that you are just a user but really there is no chance to update a file because your not on the same server. This is ludicrous. I've got 40 employees and I'm dreading do a manual payment.
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    Hi Jill. Did you end up getting a positive result from this or did you have to re-enter these into Reckon. 

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