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Reckon Accounts Premier Desktop - I have set up a new super fund liability as per the same as every other fund, attaching the super fund to the employees payroll, setting up a new account in the chart of accounts and setting it up as a supplier and a new payroll item. I have checked all steps are correct. Details are correct on the employees payslip. However the super liability for this fund doesn't show on the balance sheet. The liability amount is showing under "other" on the balance sheet, so the liability is accruing correctly but not attaching to the correct super fund. I can't see where the issue is, and I have checked everything several times to make sure I have set it up correctly.


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    Hi Nadine,

    It sounds like the current liability side of the super fund, may not be pointing to the correct COA line ~ Go back into your Payroll Item List and select the superannuation item ~ Make sure the liability side is correctly linked to the specific super liability account you setup.

    Hope this helps you out.

    Kind Regards

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    Hi Candii
    Thanks for your response. This was all set up correctly but I went in and unlinked it all and redid it anyway and it seemed to fix it. It had some kind of bug in it. 
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