Shares unavailable; incorrectly showing as sold, i.e. closed position

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I have a number of share lots marked as sold going back to 2012 but the lots were not sold and are correctly included in the total sum of shares held.  The sold lines in the portfolio view show these as closed positions but with no sell price.  I need to reinstate these lots in order to process a recent share sell.


I'm using Reckon Personal Plus 2016.

Hope you can help.



  • Roland FeillafeRoland Feillafe Member Posts: 2
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    Hi Dave, I'm looking at the Portfolio view.

    Yes, I have sold parcels of this stock. The issue is I sold parcels and specified lots, but Reckon has recognised what I selected per parcel AND selected the same number of shares in other parcels.

    The doubling up of shares sold on the date has not impacted the total number of shares held, i.e. the total number of shares correctly reflects one sell.

    I sold 390 shares, and that is reflected correctly, including share lots I selected, but it also shows the sale of another 390 shares on the same date (the image in my previous post) so I need to reverse or reinstate these share lots without impacting the total shares held.


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