Allocating banked receipts to Invoices

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This is a particularly counter intuitive process in Reckon One.  I wish it was made a little more obvious.

I go to "Transactions from Bank"  and see an amount in the "money in" column which I suspect matches an invoice. But I cannot concurrently display a list of outstanding invoices to confirm this.

I then have to press "Allocate Receipt" when it would be far more obvious and intuitive to press a no existent "Allocate to Invoice" button as that is really what I am trying to do.

Having pressed  "Allocate Receipt"  I am presented with two new drop downs to the right which lead me down the wrong path.This will of course create a new quick transaction allocation, reconciling the transaction and leaving the invoice unpaid. Instead I am supposed to know to press "Allocate Detailed Receipt"  when I really just want to match an existing invoice. 

So now I am finally on the Allocated receipt page, where of course there is no mention of Unpaid Invoices. Just a line at the very bottom saying "ALLOCATE THIS MONEY TO AN EXISTING TRANSACTION". Clicking on this does nothing, because I have not thought to fill in the Contact name at the top. Once I enter the correct contact name I finally see an INVOICE pertaining to the contact down the bottom. Although most of the time I have to toggle into the NEW transaction section and back to ALLOCATE to get it to populate the INV line.
I can then allocate amounts and SAVE.  

Of course some bank transactions don't even list the contact name. This makes the process even more fun.  Just now I am doing one where the I see "Direct Credit WBC0000000000 - RTGS /06-0541-0551"  and no suggestion of a contact name.  If I could just match an INV amount to a receipt amount it would be simple. 

Why does this process have to be so convoluted?

It would be a lot easier to accomplish this process if there was a dedicated   "Allocate to Invoice"  option  instead of having to stumble through  "Allocate Receipt".

It would be handy to be able to see a list of unpaid invoices and their amounts within the Transaction from Bank area to assist with identifying invoiced payments.

How about renaming 



Another consideration would the ability to offer users a match between receipts and invoices based on Money In amounts. Particularly for users who invoice varying amounts.   

I manually import transaction into a bank account each month because our bank does not provide a feeds. But I expect it will be just as difficult and tedious when using feeds.

I have also tried the receive payment method from the invoice itself. I used this method for several months but it is painful when you actually need to be working in and referring to the Transaction from Bank module. 

Does anyone else find the process of matching receipts to invoices convoluted?


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    Yes I agree. I'm new to Reckon and was looking for existing invoices to match receipts against as my old package had done-I assumed this would do the same but not so.

    You can add your suggestion to the Reckon Product Development team for new product ideas and other's votes. Hopefully, this will make a difference. I'll vote for it ofcourse

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    I am fairly new to Reckon One and would agree that this is quite a hassle. For some clients I also have started using Xero and in Xero it has the feature you suggested above and it makes bank recs sooo easy.

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    Oh thank you for documenting this! I couldn't figure out this basic task.

    Also, whatever you do, don't do it the other way - try to match the invoice to the bank transaction. Best you can do is create a new orphaned receipt, with no effect on the bank transaction, and the invoice will no longer appear when you follow these instructions!