Payroll item entered multiple times for different class, but only quantity of the first line appears

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Hi Guys,

We have a payroll item that is entered as earnings so it can be assigned to different classes. We are using the same payroll item and entering it multiple times to assign different classes, see screen shot here;


But when this comes through on the payslip that is emailed to the employee, only one of the quantity amounts comes through. See here;


You can see that the amount paid is correct ((15+17) * .78 = 24.96) but it is only displaying the one line for the quantity.

Has anyone else come across this before?

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide


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    Hi Sam

    Reckon summarises into one line per Payroll Item, regardless of Class allocation, however it should combine the number/qty also which looks like is what's not happening in your screenshot. 
    Only thing I can think is that this may be a glitch due to the type of Payroll Item &/or use of "Qty" rather than "Hrs".  It's possible that the summary conversion - whilst still calculating correctly -  is only able to recognise an "Hrs" number, rather than "Qty". 

    Reckon, can you please advise if this is the case?

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    Hi Sam - agree with Shaz, Reckon has always done this... I believe Class Tracking would be considered an internal reporting function and therefore not relevant to employees payslips...  the only way around this would be to have multiple payroll items for each class you may want to use although not sure why you would want this on a payslip?  With regard to the qty not displaying as 32 (15 + 17)... I would try creating your KM Reimbursement item as an Addition instead of a normal pay item and see if you get a better result on the payslip?
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    Hi Sam

    Early in my using of Reckon Accounts Plus I included all types of payments applicable to the employee in their Employee Editor -> Standard Payroll setup window then when processing their payroll I entered the payroll item again in the timesheet, thereby duplicating the payment.

    You need to put just the Standard Payroll items like Ordinary Time, 1.5x and 2.0x time hours into the employees details window and by going into the Taxation, Super and the Entitlements tabs entering their Taxation, Superannuation and other Entitlements amounts. Then when processing the payroll, you should see those items prefilled into the payslip. If there are any changes they get entered into the payslip window. manually

    Robert Seallie
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