KB - Error message 'Please contact the Tax Office', when submitting STP to ATO

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Pleasecheck out our new KB http://kb.reckon.com.au/issue_view.asp?ID=5703 if you are getting 'Please contact the taxoffice' error message when submitting your STP file to the ATO.


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    Hi Shisir

    Thanks for that.  Just an FYI though .... This particular error isn't always related to the Software ID - I had already registered via Access Manager but was getting this error message still.  I rang the ATO - who confirmed that yes, I had registered the Software ID - but my STP file hadn't come through to them.  Turns out the error was still related to the Names not being identical across all 3 required areas:

    * Default Reckon Customer Portal "Company Name" (as displayed at top left upon login)

    * Name shown on GovConnect (tile - as per "Company & Advisor Info")

    * Name(s) entered in RA Company Information window
    (Haven't confirmed if BOTH Company AND Legal names have to be a match or if it's just one or the other as I changed BOTH to match to be on the safe side!)

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    Thank you for the information Shaz,

    I will update the KB accordingly.

    I have been informed by PM that, if there is any temporary issue on ATO end, which delays\fails the upload process, also causes the issue (apart from Software ID), Just like you mentioned.


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