Separating Casual Loading from Base Rate

Willem oosthuizenWillem oosthuizen Member Posts: 3
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Due to recent developments in regards to Casual Employees, we are looking to report the Casual loading as a separate payroll item.

This should then reflect as:
Base rate (for Normal time Hours) at X hours
Casual Loading (25% of base rate) at X hours

I have created the Casual loading as a Overtime type, which then adds the normal hours and Casual loading together when calculating total hours.

How do I exclude the Casual loading from being calculated as additional hours worked?
Please note, this is not related to total hours worked calculated for accumulating leave.

Willem Oosthuizen


  • CarolynCarolyn Member Posts: 8
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    I have the same query Willem. Did you ever received a response?
  • Glenda VealeGlenda Veale Member Posts: 178
    edited January 2019
    I don't think there is a way around it if you are using multiple ordinary hours eg normal, time & half, double time etc.
    I have to just divide the hours in half to check my entry.
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