ANZ Bank Feed not working

Mehul Patel
Mehul Patel Member Posts: 14
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I have problem with Reckon One ANZ bank feed, everything was alright up untill 5-6 weeks ago and all of sudden bank feed stopped working. I have called Reckon support few times and they suggest to delete and reactivate ANZ bank feed, which I did 3 weeks ago but no luck. Last week Reckon support advise to wait for a week but still it's not working. Can anyone please guide me. Thanks


  • John G
    John G Reckon Staff Posts: 1,576 Reckon Staff
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    Hello Mehul,

    I'm sorry to hear of your issues with Bankdata.  To help you further are you able to send through the Reckon ID you use to access your book and Bankdata record to [email protected].

    Looking forward to having this issue resolved soon.

  • Aaron Rennie
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    We're having issues too.  Have been for about 6-8 weeks now.  Need to keep going in and out of 'transactions from bank' for it to load.  Now it is only showing some of the transactions.  Seems to be multiple issues with Reckon One that aren't being rectified.  Very frustrating.
  • Krystal Martin
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    Same here.  I bank with Bendigo. No feeds for 5-6 weeks and extremely frustrating!  I've been troubleshooting with the Bankdata team with no success. Now I can't even log into my account!!

  • John Taylor
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    My ANZ Bank data feed is not receiving data. All looks OK & its been setup for 2 months but no data coming through. Any suggestions?
  • Basil Musca
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    I have the same problem with ANZ. The bank Feed has been accepted 15/07/19 but no feeds as yet 15 days later.
  • Ian Scott_10713573
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    I have had this issue for a couple of months now too - today is 22/6/20 :(