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Shannen Miners
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I have some employees on a salary who have not accumulated enough leave for our end of year compulsory shut down, does anyone know if its possible to set up a salary payroll item thats essentially blank with no accruals etc... I just need a salary payroll item that allows me to correctly divide up the 38 hour week to reflect that there was some unpaid leave taken during that week, I know you can do that with hourly pay however my employees are set up as salaried and Id prefer to keep it that way if possible?


  • Linda ABC
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    I would suggest a two options - 1... pay the leave for the period of shutdown - the leave will go negative and they can accrue it back in the early part of the year? 2.... just change their salary amount for the period to be less the unpaid leave time - however it will probably still accrue their normal leave for the period so this may not be ideal? you cant really use 2 salary items in the same paycheque - so you would probably need a deduction item or a Wage - Other type item - then enter a negative amount - but I think you would need to manually adjust the leave accrual after processing?  Letting the employee go into negative with their Leave sounds like the simplest and cleanest option?
  • Shannen Miners
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    Thanks Linda, I figured it was going to be too complicated being salaried so I changed it to hourly for more flexibility, I appreciate your help though, cheers!