charging interest on overdue invoices

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Using Accounts Enterprise Desktop & am wanting to start charging interest on overdue invoices for one client who is a serial late payer.

After selecting the Finance charges in preferences & allocating the interest rate, finance charge account & calculate charges from due date, I then went to "assess finance charges" & there are no customers showing.  I'm not sure what I am doing wrong or if there is a certain process you need to go through.

Can anyone assist?


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    Hi Felicity

    You have to create the invoices after the finance charge is activated, it doesn't back date to invoices already created.

    If it is only one customer and not many invoices involved, you may be able to trick the system if you change them in some way and resave the invoices for this client now finance charges in active.  Maybe even change the date to today>save, then change back to the original date & save again.
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    Thanks - I ended up getting it to work. Logged out & in a couple of times & then it worked.

    Maybe our system is just a little temperamental!
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