Reckon Accounts Plus 2019 R! update

Tim Cross_7863345
Tim Cross_7863345 Member Posts: 25
Upgrade will not install (again). Same problem as last year but solution this year wont work. Grrrr. Virus Protection off, Firewall off, running Windows 10 as Administrator, set up does not advance beyond installing Windows run time libraries or whatever the initial windows requirements are (which are installed. Tried ringing support but after listening to music for over 30 minutes gave up! Maybe everybody else is experiencing the same problem? Do Reckon Techs actually test these updates on real computers before releasing them? Seriously!


  • Brynton Fennell
    Brynton Fennell Member Posts: 6
    edited March 2019
    Experiencing exactly the same problem.  Terribly frustrating!!! Need a solution so I can operate my Business
  • David Elliott
    David Elliott Member Posts: 25
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    Just a long shot:  With a different product I had a broadly similar problem. After much frustration I did a fresh and clean installation on a Windows 10 machine not used for any Reckon product previously.  It worked!
  • Steve Cook
    Steve Cook Member Posts: 150 ✭✭
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    Check .NET 3.5 is installed. It's a Windows component not installed by default. Needs to be installed manually via Programs & Features.
  • Tim Cross_7863345
    Tim Cross_7863345 Member Posts: 25
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    Net3.5 is installed so I am none the wiser. Surely this must be affecting others?????