How do I get help upgrading my Reckon Personal plus software

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I am am currently using Reckon Personal plus 2017 and the share price download subscription has expired.  The program points me to your internet site but there does not appear to be an upgrade option.  I tried ringing the support centre but after 30 minutes of the mind numbing on hold music had to give up....
What is the process to upgrade, I do want to by a subscription but am happy to pay for the 2019 upgrade which should provide another 2 years of share price updates.



  • GerryWinter
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    Call me on 0418 907 140 and I will try and sort your problem out for you

    Gerry 0418907140 

    [email protected]

  • Brendon_7641239
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    Thanks for the offer Gerry - I managed to find the right page.  The links given were just pointing to the homepage where the choices were Personal plus & Home and business 12 months subscription.  It is only when you try to buy Personal Plus and logon that the upgrade option finally appears.  So I was having difficulties and tried to ring 1-800 Reckon. Which I did multiple times and just kept getting hold music!  Perhaps I was asking to much expecting the web links to point to the information I needed.  I hope this information helps others who have similar issues.