Backup file not restoring correctly

Susan Varcoe
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My accountant opens up my backup file but it is only showing data upto April last year - Reckon Accounts Home & Business 2019


  • John Graetz
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    Hi Susan.  The most immediate observation is that you have not given the Accountant the correct backup file.  Whilst I am not conversant with your particular version of Reckon, I do not believe that it has ever had a function which provides an ability to select a specific date range.  Therefore, in my mind there are only two things which could have gone wrong in this instance:
    1.  You have backed up an earlier version of the file
    2.  The backup that you gave to the Accountant is not the one that you backed up for their use.
    John L G
  • Susan Varcoe
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    This is what has me confused -  my usual thing is to do a backup drop it off to the accountant with other relevant paperwork all on usb. They do their thing. I did a backup in September dropped it off and they said when they opened it it was only showing up to 4/4/18 my backup was current work up to 14th September. So i did a backup last week with everything up to date to 7/4/19 and when they opened the backup it was still only showing April 2018. I cleared the USB before doing the backup so there was nothing else on it. I ended up doing just a copy of my file and that has worked for them so accountant issue solved for now but my concern is my backup not being correct and if my old laptop fails I will not have up to date data? The backup I gave them in September I was running Home & business 2018 and have done the annual update to 2019 prior to the backup I did for accountant last week. I simply do a backup after i have been doing entries each time i use the program?
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    Hi Susan.  Nothing is making much sense here.  Have you checked the date of the backup file to see that it represents the date on which the function was performed? The reason I ask is that perhaps the backup is not ending up where you are expecting it to be.  If the date has changed, to represent the day of the last backup and yet the data is wrong, then something else strange is happening - the follow up to this is to also check the date of the backup file that your Accountant ended up with.
    John L G
  • diannehbailey
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    I am having the same problem. When I open the USB on my computer it shows the work backed up correctly. At the accountant it goes back to an earlier backup. The new one is not there.

  • Acctd4
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    In the absence of actually observing the accountant opening the right backup (into a CURRENT version of H&B), if you've confirmed the Backup is current & correct at your end, it has to be something on the accountant's side 😬

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    Maybe you could rename the latest backup to something different, retaining the qbb ext, and then give it to him