how to remove duplicate values in an Excel report

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I am using Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2019.
I set up a report showing "Date--Account--Description--Memo--Amount" : it is perfect.
I export the report using the download excel compatible format.
In either CSV or in Excel I find that the values are also duplicated in "Account--Description--Memo".  How can I correct this problem. I have lived with it for years but now need the Excel report to be neat and tidy, as it appears in Reckon. HELP please.
Rod S


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    Diver Dave, I live i hope.
    The report is 'All Data by Category and SubCat,and also shows Description and Memo"
    I export via Print to Tab delimited export file (TXT) which I then save as Excel Workbook xlsx.
    For an Income and Expenses Report headings are
                           Date        Account   Description    Memo    Category              Amount
    line 1          INCOME          99             99               99           99                        99
    Line2           Books             39             39               39           39                        39
    L 3               5/8/2018      BSA         fiction           x Penn     Books                   24
    L4               7/9/2018       BSA         Life               x Jumbo  Books                   15
    L5               Divid'd            60             60               60            60                       60
    L6                 TIC               12             12              12            12                         12
    L7                4/4/2019       WAA         Qtly           TIC Mar   Divid'd Rec'd TIC   12
    L8                TAC              48             48               48            48                         48
    L9              13/7/2018      WAA          Mth          TAV Jun   Divid'd Rec'd TAC   48     

    I only want the value in the amount col. All others I call   duplicated.
    Can you assist? thanks in advance          Rod S  

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    D Dave,---Initially can only export as "Report to Excel compatible format", Tried saving as a csv format, but makes no change to the final incorrect layout. Other thoughts?    Rod S