Quality of Reckon Hosted compared to the Desktop version

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I've only just switched to Accounts Hosted and find the quality on the screen is no where near as good as the desktop version. Do I need to do something in settings to make this more defined? Am I able to go back to Desktop from Hosted and restore the files?


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    If you haven't done any work - then you can go back to your old version - if you have done work - then you would need to ask Reckon for an installation key for Enterprise to install on your desktop...  however, you just need to do some tweaking of your monitors/screen resolution to find the most suitable setting for you?  depends on the size and make of your monitor?  
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    Hi Louise

    Could be your Browser, check the zoom on the browser - make sure your PC display is set to the default resolution.
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    This is exactly some of my concerns before moving to Hosted. I need to use Desktop when travelling and cannot figure out how to save to Desktop from Hosted and then back again.

    Did you resolve this Louise

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    The display quality is determined by your individual device settings, not the program itself 🙂

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