Reckon Accounts personal 2013 , Activation Update, input New product Key, receive Error Code 340

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I moved computers with win10 and all files and programs on same SSD and HDD with no other problems evident.
When I run Reckon Accounts  personal 2013, I tried to upload a .QIF file and noticed  the "Set Up Download" notification and received  "Your Online Services licence has expired. ....... you need to renew the licence ...." .
I contacted your help centre, was given a new product key which I entered whilst the operator was still on the line and I read the number back, however  an Error code: 340 was displayed .

I repeated the same procedure 3 times with different operators to no avail. In every case they directed me to your community board to find a solution.
I have spend many ours reading posts and my tolerance is wearing very thin.
In any case, I am not interested  in downloading stock prices etc, all I want is to import my bank data .QIF files.
I would very much appreciate your direct advice.
Thank you 


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    Try to choose "apply the renewal manually" and phone Reckon.