Important recommendations for password, backups and file maintenance on Reckon Accounts Desktop

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The Reckon Community and Help Guides are really useful resources in ensuring you're getting the best out of your Reckon software experience.

Below are a few of our recommended tips!

Changing your file password 🔑

Your file password is an important aspect to your security. We highly recommend you read the article below before you change the password for the Admin user - What is the recommended procedure when changing passwords?

Backup, Backup, Backup 🔒

Creating regular backups and file integrity checks are essential. Ensure that you regularly perform a backup of your company data file - How to create a backup in Reckon Accounts (Desktop) with complete verification

Consider making a backup before making any major changes such as external data import, password changes etc

  • A daily backup at the end of the day
  • An end of week backup
  • An end of month backup
  • Keeping multiple copies of the backup in multiple locations (such as off-site)

Test that your backups can be restored successfully - How to restore a backup file (QBB) in Reckon Accounts (Desktop)

Maintaining your own set of backup files gives you added flexibility in choosing a course of action in the event of an unforeseen problem occurring.

Verify your data ✅

The Reckon Accounts software has built-in file maintenance functions called Verify Data and Rebuild Data.

How to perform a data file verification (Verify Data) in Reckon Accounts Business (Desktop)

How to perform a data file rebuild in Reckon Accounts Business (Desktop)

By creating a backup with completed verification enabled, you ensure that the backup being stored is error-free. If an error is detected, then use the Rebuild Data function to try to fix it.

If the problem still persists and errors are still detected, consider restoring the last good manually user-created backup (faster, no fees, highly recommended)

If no backups are available, then send a copy of the damaged file to be repaired by the Reckon Data Recovery Team (fees apply, last resort option) by filling out the Data Service Request -How to submit a Reckon Accounts desktop data file for analysis