SAFF Validation Error, Missing Employer Bank Branch and Account Number

Lucy Owen
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In Reckon One, I'm trying to create an superstream SAFF file for the first time. When I do, it gives me a pop up error with the title "SAFF Validation Error". In the pop up it says "Employer is missing Bank Branch Number" and "Employer is missing Bank Account Number". 

I can't find where to enter these! Can anyone tell me where I should be looking?

Also, suggestion for the development team; include a link from the error to the menu where it can be fixed!


  • Hawk
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    Under Banking menu, there is a Bank Account menu. Inside there, click Add and enter your bank details. Hope this helps.
  • Patrina Baxter
    Patrina Baxter Member Posts: 1

    As a first time user, I have entered my bank account details and am still getting this same error message.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of fixing so I may create a SAFF file