Personnal Plus Updates not working

Tony R
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A common problem. Updates did work once but they don't now.

I've checked out the common fixes and nothing has worked, however, I have observed something interesting ...

I only update once per week. After fruitlessly trying to fix the problem, I decided to manually enter the share prices using the numbers on my Commsec account after the market closed. Every share manually entered showed the correct share price movement for the day in the Reckon program.

So, I can only conclude that the share prices are updating, but for some reason, are not updating on the screen. They are in memory, and when the price is manually input, the day's price movements are correctly shown.

It's a bug. Over to you, Reckon software experts.


  • David M
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    edited July 2019
    Hi Tony

    You may be running across the problem that when you update, Reckon only picks up the last five days.
    The second answer, is that you may have to restart after the update to ensure it has been 'stored'  and will appear the next time you you look at your portfolio.
    This is a problem that sometimes afflicts my files.

    Good luck

  • Tony R
    Tony R Member Posts: 2
    edited July 2019
    Thanks for the suggestion but I updated then closed the program, restarted and the prices hadn't updated. However, when manually entering the price, the day's price movement was correct. So today's price is in the system, it's just not showing on the screen.