The new TFN declaration form vs Reckon accounts hosted

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The new TFN declaration form only reflects 1 option for HELP-VSL-FS-SSL-TSL but Reckon accounts hosted has them listed separately.....which box do we tick if an employee has selected that tax option?


  • Neil_6428218
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    Hi Samantha,

    From 2019, SFSS & HELP have been combined into one set of Thresholds & Rates.

    In Hosted 2019, the employee will be on the same Tax Scale and have the same amount of tax calculated whether you select HELP or SFSS (or both).

    Although they have been combined into one option on the TFN Dec form, at this stage they are still reported separately when doing a TFN Dec via STP, so we had to keep both options as we are planning to add this functionality in the future.