Unable to import OFX transactions to American Express Account in Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2020

Peter_6823844 Member Posts: 5
I just upgraded to Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2020. I have just selected the american express credit card transactions to import in the same way I ahve been doing in previous versions. The AMEX Website creates an OFX format file which has previously been directly imported to Reckon.  The new 2020 version of reckon chnages the interface for importing transactions with the pop up screen titled "You are Downloading transactions for the following account" This is a new screen.  Both my Mastercard and my Visa Card appear on the list of availablle credit card drop downs but the American Express Card does not.

So how do I Import the OFX Transactions?


  • kym smith
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    sorry - not 'on thread' but i cannot access internet with 2020. did you have any issues after installation with register/online updates?